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Global Education Allies curates immersive experiences at diverse locations, transcending traditional classroom boundaries, and creates spaces for educators, students, and community leaders to lead meaningful conversations on a global level. Our mission is to create adaptive, inclusive, compassionate, and culturally-responsive learning environments that empower individuals to collaboratively address 21st-century challenges. 
Our Focus
GEA believes travel and learning should be fun, meaningful and investigative. Our investigative trips often take us to locations that excel in the following ways: They empower teachers, value student voice, encourage skills for a sustainable future, value diverse knowledge systems, nurture compassionate classrooms, celebrate 21st century skills, facilitate culturally and ecologically responsive teaching and support overall innovative teaching practices.


Our Guiding Principles

We do this through our 4 guiding principles: 

  • Build a reciprocal exchange of ideas and best practices at the locations we visit

  • Value the relationships we build at every school and community we connect with

  • Create an environment of reflection on our investigative journeys 

  • Foster mutual respect and enhance that respect through a rich library of resources and optional study materials for before and after our programs




Prepare and lead educators on professional development excursions abroad to discover and learn from new educational systems and cultures.


  • Maximize human potential

  • Cultivate the vision and skills needed for a more sustainable future 

  • Hone the skills and attitudes needed for future generations to lead a more meaningful, fulfilling and prosperous existence 

  • Nurture the shared stories that highlight our common human experience, and celebrate and recognize the differences that make our world community richer

Over the past nine years, we have organized numerous professional development excursions to the US, Northern Europe, East Africa, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. A significant number of our 500+ past participants are returning alumni from previous programs. We have worked with 60+ different schools, non-profit organizations, universities, national centers of testing, and ministries of education. Our teachers have built a strong community of practice, exchanging ideas and doing collaborative projects in their classrooms.


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