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6. One word that describes you:

7. Three interesting things about you:


8. A great classroom is where...

9. GEA Programs I have attended or am currently enrolled in:

10. One of my favorite adventures was at...

1. What is your title/position?


2. What is the name of your school, school district, or place of employment?


3. What country and (if applicable) state are you from?


4. What grade(s) are you teaching? (if applicable)

5. What subject(s) do you teach? (if applicable)


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  1. Teacher Traveler Extraordinaires

  2. Our admin and teacher fellows teach in a variety of different kinds of schools!

  3. A few different states and Finland

  4. Our admin and teacher fellow teaching levels go all the way from 1st grade to higher ed

  5. Our admin and teacher fellow subjects span from STEM to social studies and beyond

  6. Dream-team (if you add a hyphen it's one word, right?)

  7. The love of travel and love of teaching brings us together 🌍

  8. A great classroom is where...all students want to be there. - Ben

  9. Aino for the win! She's been on all of them.

  10. Whichever adventure we are on with GEA at any given time!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia, with Ben, Aino and some of our participants featured

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