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8. A great classroom is where...

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10. One of my favorite adventures was at...

1. What is your title/position?


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3. What country and (if applicable) state are you from?


4. What grade(s) are you teaching? (if applicable)

5. What subject(s) do you teach? (if applicable)


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  1. I am currently an assistant principal (but always a teacher at heart)

  2. I am an AP at Alta High School in Canyons School District in Sandy, UT

  3. USA, Utah

  4. I teach all grades at the school, in a sense

  5. I was a former ELA teacher for 12 years before becoming an administrator five years ago.

  6. Caring

  7. I am a big college football fan, love the outdoors/hiking and love time with my nieces and nephews

  8. A great classroom is one where students feel connected, engaged, and are motivated to learn.

  9. I attended the Finland trip in 2017

  10. One of my favorite adventures was backpacking through Europe in my younger days.

Shelly Karren

Shelly Karren

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