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6. One word that describes you:

7. Three interesting things about you:


8. A great classroom is where...

9. GEA Programs I have attended or am currently enrolled in:

10. One of my favorite adventures was at...

1. What is your title/position?


2. What is the name of your school, school district, or place of employment?


3. What country and (if applicable) state are you from?


4. What grade(s) are you teaching? (if applicable)

5. What subject(s) do you teach? (if applicable)


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  1. My title & position: Formally a 4th Grade Dual Immersion Teacher - next year a 5/6th grade teacher - middle school model.

  2. Name of the my school is Cherry Hill Elementary in the Alpine School District

  3. From the State of Utah in the United States

  4. Teaching 5th Grade writing and 6th Grade Math

  5. Writing and Math next year

  6. Easy-Going (two words, but with a hyphen it is one)

  7. 1. Have 6 children - in 8-1/2 years. 2. Got my teaching degree later in life. 3. Crafty & Artistic

  8. A great classroom is where the teacher keeps learning along with the students.

  9. This is my first GEA Program.

  10. Cross-Country Road Trip from Utah to New York State and back.

Sheri Wilson

Sheri Wilson

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