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Hi! My name is Teirza and I am a librarian. Here's a bit about me:

  1. What is your title/position: I just recently moved and am on the job hunt, but I was most recently the collection manger for the Orem Public Library.

  2. Where am I from: I am from Utah, but just barely moved to St. Pete, FL!

  3. What subjects do you teach: While I haven't taught any children, I did teach an instruction course for a university on Library Use.

  4. One word that describes me: Curious. Sometimes that's good, sometimes it's not.

  5. Three interesting things about you: This is always the hardest question and I inevitably stick with the safe answers. Here we go- I am left-handed, I have a massive old book collection (my oldest is 1793!), and I love rock climbing.

  6. A great classroom is where: students continue to ask questions after they leave it.

  7. GEA programs I have attended: This is my first!

  8. One of my favorite adventures was at: Bath England! I did the must-do tour of London, but during my brief visit to England, Bath was the city that stole my heart. There's something about having Ancient Rome, Jane Austen Regency era inspiration, and delicious tea that made the experience magical. Here's my favorite pic of the place below!

I'm really looking forward to this experience and so grateful to join fellow educators on this trip. I have long looked to Scandinavia as the true academic and educational haven and I'm certainly ready to see first hand why that is.

Teirza Kupka

Teirza Kupka

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