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I am a language teacher, my major is French but I also teach other languages and international relations. I work in a comprehensive school called Puolimatka school, in Hyvinkää, Finland. I am teaching grades 1 to 9 - so all levels and ages are more or less familiar for me. We have several ongoing international programs in our school, Erasmus+ - program called Climate Action Now (CAN) is the latest cooperation with 6 different European countries. We also have a sister school in Beijing, China and schools that we have bilateral relations in Germany and France.

I am described to be creative yet organized person with good social skills. In my opinion a great classroom is a place where learning is based on trust: An atmosphere that enables a student to feel safe and respected is the high way for learning - learning is easier and more natural if student-teacher - relationship is considered to be one of the top priorities.

I have attended GEA programs twice in South-Eastern Africa (both Rwanda and Uganda) and several times in Finland as a host (in our school or during some leisure activities in Southern Finland).

My favorite adventure is hard to choose: My first trip to Malawi, Sambia and Kenya some 20 years ago was mindblowing and very educational (my personal growth). Also my trip to India with my nieces was something I'll cherish for the rest of my life. It thought me so much about myself, my family and of course - Indian culture and nature. Life itself is a journey - would love to travel and share experiences with all GEA-friends!

Veera Toivonen

Veera Toivonen

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