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The GEA East Africa program has been postponed until Summer of 2022. In the meanwhile, we would like to open up our traditional East Africa program fundraising opportunity to a year earlier. You are welcome to do all or part of your East Africa 2022 program fundraising in advance. Our current GEA fundraiser serves one of our East Africa partners, Child 2 Youth Foundation. C2Y in turn works with a US based organization -True Africa. True Africa is hosting this GEA fundraiser for us, which this year solely benefits one of our Ugandan partner schools -the St. Maria Gorretti Vocational School for Girls. Please go here to see more information on the school and find out why we are supporting them at this time over others. 

Here are the fundraising amounts for East Africa (these amounts remain unchanged from 2020):

Rwanda only: $300

Uganda only: $200

Both programs: $400


See below for some ideas on how to raise funds.


Wondering how to fundraise for your African Experience? Our partner organizations are excited about the prospect of working with GEA teachers. This is an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child or for an entire classroom or school in Africa. This is also a great way to create connections in classrooms around the world. 


GEA understands that teachers are very busy. We want to help make the fundraising aspect of this international experience easy for participants.  Most teachers shouldn’t have to do more than one modest fundraising effort to accomplish their goal and may be surprised to find out how easy this can be! In fact, we would love to help teachers raise some of their own fees to make the program as affordable to teachers as possible!


We suggest you read our basic fundraising information in the EAST AFRICA  FAQ section to get more information.

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