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Antarctica & Argentina 


Antarctica & Argentina:

A GEA 10 Year Anniversary Program

This program focuses on the following components of happiness: Empowerment and fun!


GEA is excited to announce a special 10-year anniversary program for our alumni, set to explore Antarctica and Argentina. This remarkable journey is scheduled to take place between December 2024 and January 2025. While we won't be releasing specific program details just yet, we are in the process of compiling an 'interested people's list.' As part of this survey, we are seeking your input on preferences to help us shape this program. This approach allows us to secure more favorable rates in the coming months and seize the best deals as they become available – a strategy that is well worth the wait! We anticipate commencing the collection of payments for this trip by late spring of 2024, once we have finalized the program's cost and dates.

Program Info

This trip will differ from our usual programs in that there will be no specific overarching topic. This program will instead be individually curated for the group of alumni who will get to participate. This includes submitting a short proposal of a “research” topic you are interested in, once all the program details are available. We recommend thinking of something that will be most meaningful for you and your classroom or admin position, and one that will help you get extra time off late in the year in 2024 or early in 2025. GEA will provide you with contacts, resources, visits, and the experiences needed to get you off to a good start. 


The program will also explore Buenos Aires, Ushuaia (located in Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia), and possibly Punta Arenas in Chile. We will have a local GEA friend and guide with us throughout our journey. As always, we will get to interact with local educators.


Please fill out the following survey if interested:


program highlights

  • Landing on Antarctica 

  • Penguin colony

  • Visit to Antarctic base

  • Exploration of the southern tip of South America, Patagonia

  • Visit to the famous experimental schools of Ushuaia, Argentina

  • Tango club in Buenos Aires

  • Tour at the Plaza de Mayo

Note: Details on the itinerary may still change

Health and Safety

It is GEA’s goal to always navigate our programs safely and comfortably with our participants and partners in mind. We believe the benefits of travel outweigh the discomfort and possible uncertainty of travel, and also that they can often be appropriately managed. GEA will be doing everything to help our participants feel secure and comfortable. There are also many ways you can personally manage a safe and happy travel experience and GEA will help remind you along the way.

Funding Opportunities
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