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JULY 2024




Values and Vibrant, Multicultural Classrooms

This program focuses on the following components of HAPPINESS: Empowerment (Singapore) and Belonging (Cambodia). 


The region encompassing Singapore, Malaysia, and Cambodia represents a vibrant tapestry of cultural diversity and historical richness, intricately woven with threads of ancient traditions and modern advancements. Singapore, a bustling cosmopolitan hub, stands as a testament to modern innovation and economic prosperity, boasting a robust education system revered for its focus on mathematics and science.


Not far away, Malaysia presents a harmonious blend of ethnicities and religions, with its education system gradually transitioning towards more inclusive and student-centric approaches. Meanwhile, Cambodia, steeped in ancient history showcased by the magnificent Angkor Wat, is gradually rebuilding and reforming its education system to foster growth and development after its historical conflicts. The intertwining of these nations showcases a region rich in contrast, yet united in a shared journey towards great classrooms and cultural preservation.

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Program Curriculum and Continuing Education Credits/Units

Explore the Southeast Asia curriculum, designed to introduce key concepts we will explore while traveling in the region.

Reflective Journal

This section outlines GEA's approach to critical reflection during our visits, to ensure that participants maximize their exploratory experience.

Teacher Funding

Learn about funding opportunities for teachers. At GEA we hope to support your educational projects and professional development endeavors.




Malaysia: Beach Retreat and Layers of History 

July 12th - 16th (5 days); $1650

Malaysia embodies a fascinating paradox, effortlessly combining a relaxed demeanor with a steadfast commitment to economic growth. It boasts of vibrant urban hubs and  some of the tallest skyscrapers globally, while celebrating its quaint village communities preserving cultural traditions and history. The country offers a stunning variety of landscapes, featuring mountains nestled amidst expansive beaches gracing both its coasts. During our stay, we will immerse ourselves in this picturesque backdrop, dedicating some time to rest and relaxation in between our more education focused parts of the program. 

Cambodia: Land of Culture and Community

July 16th - 21st (6 days); $1420

Cambodia, often recognized for Angkor Wat, one of the world's most inspiring religious sites, is also home to a complex history. This revered site has facilitated worship and spiritual connection for centuries, a tradition that perseveres to this day. While the nation bears the scars of a tumultuous past, marked notably by the civil war and the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, it has remarkably preserved its intrinsic "samaaki"—a unifying spirit and dedication to communal well-being and solidarity. Despite a difficult past, Cambodia stands as a testament to resilience and unity, fostering a strong sense of community and collective good amidst its journey of recovery and growth. Today, this sense of community includes a strong commitment to support literacy and vocational skills, and has expanded to encompass a diverse network of international organizations actively collaborating to further enrich and support the nation's continuous path towards recovery and growth.

Our Cambodia portion will take us to both urban and rural schools, including a community art school with lessons by master students and of course- the famous Angkor Wat.


Singapore: Balancing Care and Innovation with Academic Prowess

July 8th - 12th (5 days); $1525

Singapore is renowned for its futuristic skyline, vibrant shopping scenes, and unparalleled safety. It sits at the crossroads of diverse cultures, and proudly holds the title of one of the world's culinary capitals, a merit perhaps attributed to its rich mix of cultures. Singapore also commands global attention with its academic accomplishments and bustling economy. A significant portion of its academic success is anchored in rigorous teacher training and impressive professional development initiatives. Recently, top-down educational objectives have addressed equipping students with vital skills essential in today’s workplace emphasizing innovation, creativity, and lifelong learning, coupled with a new focus on student well-being. 

Come visit schools, taste the myriad flavors of Singapore and engage in dialogue with local educators about the nuanced balance of nurturing innovation and maintaining high academic standards, while addressing student care and well-being.


Cultural Highlights


  • Cruise on Singapore river

  • Michelin star peranakan restaurant

  • Lau Pa Sat hawker market

  • Gardens by the Bay light show

  • Famous Arab street and Little India

  • Optional visit to Cloud Forest

  • Optional night at Marina Bay Sands


  • Malacca old town tour

  • Beach resort

  • Famous Jonkers night market

  • Karaoke at Buddhist Center 

  • Malacca river cruise

  • Batu Caves

  • Optional Petronas Towers Visit

  • Optional spa treatment


  • Angkor Wat temple complex

  • Apsara dance performance

  • Kulen Elephant sanctuary

  • Traditional buffet

  • Landmine Museum

  • Famous night market

  • Floating Village Cruise

  • Optional spa treatment

Note: Details on the itinerary may still change



All interested educators, administrators and community leaders are encouraged to apply. Non-educator guests will be considered based on availability. An additional fee of $150 for non-educators will be charged to cover additional expenses.
Full program: July 8th -  21st
Extra day in Singapore
July 7th - 8th (2 days) with more details to come

(choose from famous Marina Bay Sands hotel or 3 star hotel) 

Full program: July 8th -  21st (14 days)

Singapore (5 days)
July 8th - 12th: Singapore
Malaysia (5 days)
July 12th - 13th: Malacca
July 13th - 15th: Beach resort
July 15th - 16th: Kuala Lumpur  
Cambodia (6 days)
July 16th - 21st: Siem Reap

Our full program begins in Singapore and ends in Siem Reap, Cambodia.


Singapore main program: $1525
Malaysia program: $1650
Cambodia program: $1420
Total (without extra first day):  $4595


Singapore & Malaysia: $3025 ($150 savings)
Full package: Singapore & Malaysia & Cambodia: $4245 (a $350 savings)


For applying before NOVEMBER 30th
 we will offer a special discount
of 5% off the entire package.


*For people applying after the application deadline (if space is still available), we may need to add an additional 5-10% fee over the program cost, to offset the higher prices of late bookings.
Shared accommodations, most meals and program activities (including educational visits, sightseeing and entrance fees), and transportation and flights within the program, are all included in the selected program price.
Airfare to Singapore, airport transportation to and from our meeting and ending locations, some meals, travel insurance, and add-on or upgrade options that may be selected (including single rooms).
Early bird special: November 30th
Priority consideration: January 15th
Final deadline: March 1st (if spaces are still available)
Zoom interviews will be held starting mid-November and through mid March and all selection decisions will be made by March 15th. A program deposit of $250 for each leg of the program will be due upon acceptance. Program balance must be paid in full 2 weeks before departure.



Health and Safety

It is GEA’s goal to always navigate our programs safely and comfortably with our participants and partners in mind. We believe the benefits of travel outweigh the discomfort and possible uncertainty of travel, and also that they can often be appropriately managed. GEA will be doing everything to help our participants feel secure and comfortable. There are also many ways you can personally manage a safe and happy travel experience and GEA will help remind you along the way.

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