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Finland 2015

Fifty+ teachers and guests set sail to Finland the first week of June to participate in a cultural and educational Scandinavian adventure. 

Lora and Aino flawlessly scheduled two separate trips, one of educators only and another allowing educators to bring one guest. Participants visited Sweden, Estonia, Finland, and St. Petersburg with school visits in Sweden and Finland.

Although the main purpose of the trip was to study the Finnish Education system, one cannot visit Finland without embracing Scandinavia as a whole. Bike, walking, castle, and museum tours allowed participants to experience Scandinavia culturally and comprehensively.

In Finland, participants visited schools and universities, stayed with host families, and experienced a traditional midsummer celebration. Finnish teachers and administrators shared the "secrets" of the effective Finnish education system. Meaningful relationships and connections were made between American and Finnish educators that will allow these students and teachers to communicate and collaborate in the future.

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