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Singapore Skyline

Singapore Skyline

SEA Street View

SEA Street View

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat

Cambodia Classroom

Cambodia Classroom

JULY 2024
More info coming soon! SEPT 15


Balancing Care and Innovation with Academic Prowess

Singapore has attracted worldwide attention with its high academic success, a rapidly growing economy and a colorful mixture of diverse cultures. Much of its academic success is tied to impressive teacher training and professional development strategies. Lately forward-thinking educational goals have focused more on ensuring students are getting the skills they need for an increasingly competitive and global future. Innovation, creativity and life-long learning have been a top-down focus, together with an emphasis on care and student well-being. 


Come visit schools, taste the many flavors of Singapore and have conversations with local educators about the fine balancing act of caring for students, fostering innovation, all the while focusing on high academic achievement.”


“Land of culture and community”

Cambodia is perhaps best known for one of the most impressive religious monuments in the world, Angkor Wat. First constructed in the 12th century during the Khmer empire in celebration of the Hindu god Vishnu and later turning into a buddhist temple, it has served as a place of worship for hundreds of years and continues to do so today. Cambodia is also known for the horrors of the civil war and Khmer Rouge. But despite this difficult past they have been able to maintain “samaaki”, a sense of commitment to a common good and community spirit.


Our Cambodia tour will take us to both urban and rural schools, including a community art school with lessons by master students and of course- the famed Angkor Wat.




It’s a new world of travel and GEA is ready to navigate it safely and comfortably with our participants and partners in mind. We believe the benefits of travel outweigh the risks - when appropriately managed. GEA will be doing everything to navigate the situation on all our 2023 programs and to help everyone feel secure and comfortable. This means we may sometimes go above and beyond safety protocols in the US and abroad. There are also many ways you can personally manage a safe and happy travel experience and GEA will help remind you along the way.

We reserve the right to change the itinerary in consideration of Covid-19 and other unforeseen circumstances.

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