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GEA Visits Cambodia wrote about GEA's visit to Cambodia in the summer of 2019. Check out the article below!

Global Education Allies (GEA) conducts professional development excursions across the world for hundreds of teachers, and this summer, Associate Director Aino Larsen led a team of educators on a trip to Cambodia. The group organized a personal fundraiser before arriving and raised $2,500 to support CFC libraries. During their stay, they were able to visit several CFC schools. not only brought ideas for CFC teachers and administrators but took from the experience lessons for their own classrooms. Their trip began with a visit to one of CFC's preschools for a look at how the CFC early childhood learning program prepares students and families for success. “It was great to see how the parents were involved in the preschool, The lesson was geared more towards training parents so that they had the skills to teach their children. I also loved how it was a community there, as opposed to a place where you just send your kids or you just go to learn. It seemed that everyone was friends.” ~ Ben Tillotson (GEA) Visiting the Aranh campus, the teachers broke into small groups and paired with their CFC counterparts to learn about each other's work and share ideas. The group enjoyed seeing their donation of Khmer early-reading books being put to use in the school library. “We were really impressed by our welcome. The CFC students are great ambassadors for their schools! As always, it was interesting to see the many ways our experiences as teachers are similar, no matter where we teach."  Thank you Global Education Allies!

You can view the full article here.

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